Nante Doroth, affectionately known as Dorothy to most of the UWP staff, works as our Office Secretary in our Ugandan office.  Her faithful dedication to our organization is one we don’t take lightly, so we wanted to share a piece of her story with you.  Meet Doroth!

My Personal Story

How I came to work with UWP:

During my senior six school break, while wondering where tuition to push me through the university level was to come from, I got enough time to visit some of my relatives and during that time I came to know 1383091_470630219731025_1854160523_nthat I had an aunt (sister to my late father) called Namaganda Beatrice Nsamba – a wife to pastor George William Nsamba and also the UWP Director UG Office at the time. This family welcomed me as a child of their own introduced me to many new things, one of which was to work as an assistant secretary of George’s church and volunteer with UWP in the UG Office to help keep records. That is how I came to UWP in 2011. When James Harrington, the UWP Executive Director, came back to Uganda in 2012, we had a little conversation with him for the first time and I was able to show him what I managed to do as a volunteer by that time such as making files for each project that was worked. From that time, James gave me the job, and since that time up to now I am working as the UWP Office Secretary UG.

What I love about working with UWP:

In this organization we are a family, the first and most important thing that I love about working with UWP is that through this organization we reach out to people in my country providing them with clean water. Many people out there do not take water as a serious resource for an
organization to deal with, but we all know that water is life, so I continue to say GIVE WATER, GIVE LIFE. I happen to come from a village where water was and still is a big 10592850_653911560546_5071040404165369202_nchallenge. Kids that go to school have to first fetch 2 – 3 jerry cans of water before they can head to school. Nothing can move on smoothly in a home, especially in the morning hours, without water (just a mere thinking about it, your heart can not be at peace until you get at least 3 litres of water). UWP provides this clean water at a free cost with the help of beautiful, loving and kind people out there who support the organization.

Secondly, I love working with UWP because we serve many people in my country. Strong relationships are being built through the services that they provide, and life and time of very many people is being saved as we all know that time is money. Many children can now go to school as well as reaching there at the right time.

Me as a person I am thankful and humbled to say that I’m now pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Makerere University, graduating in 2017 because of UWP. They have given me the flexibility to continue working as well as going to school, if it weren’t for them, I doubt if I would have made it to the university – and being the last born, I give glory to God that at last there will be a person in my family having a degree.

How will my degree help in the work that I do in the organization:


Before attending the university, I had little skills of how to use a computer. Now I can maximally do my work as the Office Secretary UG. In my course of study, I have learn how to use and maintain a computer, how to keep records very well, and have gained more skills to communicate to different people. I can create, update and maintain paperwork and filing systems that we use in the organization. I know how to gather, analyze and store the information we need in our systems as well as handling finances. All in all, I am able to deliver what is required of me as the UG Office Secretary because of the training and skills I gained from the university and UWP.

Finally, after graduating, UWP has already recognized that I deserve an increase in my pay. For this I am grateful and thankful.