solar-mechanized solutions

Harnessing the power of the sun to equip communities with safe water solutions.


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using clean energy to bring clean water

A solar-mechanized system uses the power of the sun to pump water from the aquifer into a large storage tank. The water is then distributed via underground pipes to a tap stand or community households. The size of the system varies depending on the yield of the aquifer and needs of the community.

IMPACT: 500+ 

LIFESPAN: 10+ years

COST: variable (minimum $15,000)

UWP begins each solar-mechanized project with test pumping and water quality analysis of an existing borehole well. If the results are positive, UWP will move forward with designing the system based on the well-yield, sourcing the submersible pump and, finally, installing the above-ground components. From start to finish, this process is expected to take 12-15 weeks and, unlike our other water solutions, the project cost for a solar-mechanized solution will vary and not be finalized until the project is complete.

the numbers

solar-mechanized projects funded

People impacted

A Look Inside our reporting

We value transparency & we’re proud of our work, so we enjoy sharing it with you!

After your solar-mechanized system has been installed, a member of our team will email you photos and impact information of the project(s) you’ve sponsored so you know where and to whom your solar-mechanized system went.

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