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at a glance

The Ugandan Water Project exists to see Uganda liberated from the bondage of waterborne disease and poverty. We leverage the transformative power of clean water to empower Ugandans using our synergistic, three-tiered approach:

  • Equipping communities with the safe water resources they need to thrive today
  • Developing sustainable water enterprises that keep clean water flowing tomorrow
  • Supporting the establishment of national systems that will ensure safe water flows forever

In collaboration with government, NGO partners, and the private sector, the Ugandan Water Project blends philanthropy, market-based approaches, and advocacy to catalyze innovation and rapidly respond to evolving needs in Uganda’s water sector.


Build water infrastructure, develop sustainable water enterprises, and advocate for national systems that keep clean water flowing.


  • Rainwater collection system installations
  • Borehole well rehabilitations
  • New borehole well drilling
  • Solar powered water system installations
  • Hand washing station installations
  • Water filter distributions
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene training


  • AquaTrust: water infrastructure operation and maintenance
  • AquaTrust Filters: water filter sales


  • National advocacy for sustainable operation and maintenance policies
  • Participation in working groups that advise on sector policy development
  • District and National advocacy for uptake of a unified data system, mWater
  • mWater data system training and consulting for NGOs and government teams

what that provides

Our three-tiered approach provides immediate water access today, develops sustainable enterprises that keep water flowing tomorrow, and supports national systems that ensure safe water flows forever.


Sustainable access to safe water in Ugandan communities, including at schools, health facilities, and places of worship.


Improved health, vocational opportunities, and quality of life for people across Uganda.

Our passion and focus may be clean water, but we’re all playing on the same team to see the world become a better place for current and future generations. That’s why we make sure our work aligns with as many of the United Nations’ broader sustainable development goals as possible.

Everything we do revolves around water, hygiene and sanitation, so there’s no question this is our bullseye SDG goal. But the impact of clean water is far reaching, meaning our work aligns with a number of other goals.
Our clean water solutions have a direct impact on poverty reduction by moving indicators around health, nutrition, academic performance, and women’s empowerment.
The clean water that our solutions provide is an essential component for safe food preparation and field irrigation, which fuels robust agricultural production.
Clean water is the foundation of good health for all, including new mothers and young children. Rural health facilities that are equipped with one or more of our clean water solutions see fewer health complications and lower maternal/infant mortality rates.
Schools that have a consistent supply of safe water see higher enrollment, better academic performance, a more equitable distribution of male and female students, and improved student health.
Increased water resources in a community open opportunities for women and girls outside of domestic chores.  Clean water at schools drastically increases girls’ enrollment, especially in secondary school.
Clean water is key to unlocking a person’s potential because it boosts cognitive function, enables consistent job attendance, and improves work performance. And a better workforce means greater economic growth.
The primary method of purifying water in Uganda is boiling it over a wood or charcoal fire, which contributes to deforestation. By offering an alternative solution to water purification (water filters) or equipping communities with safe groundwater (borehole well rehabs), we’re helping conserve Uganda’s environment and mitigating the impact of climate change.
Clean water, hygiene, and sanitation are basic ingredients to success in nearly every human endeavor. That’s why we approach our work assuming we will be engaged in a robust collection of collaborative partnerships. From foundations to government agencies to businesses to nonprofit oragnizations, the cross-pollination that occurs as we work together helps improve all of our solutions.

Ready to give water & Give life?

Send us your thoughts, ask us your questions, or just say hi!

Ready to give water & Give life?

Send us your thoughts, ask us your questions, or just say hi!