clean water for all, one project at a time

The interactive map above allows you to see every major water project we’ve installed. Click on red circles to see rainwater collection systems and blue circles to see borehole well rehabilitations or enter the unique project number of the water project you would like to view. 

A Look Inside our reporting

We value transparency & we’re proud of our work, so we enjoy sharing it with you! Our partner, mWater, makes this easy.
mWater allows data to be collected, viewed, analyzed, and shared in real time across 157 countries where it’s used. This gives you & and our partners instant access to data collected from the projects you sponsor, including GPS information, photos, survey information, and more.

Interested in mWater?

Our in-house mWater expert can set your nonprofit with custom reports beyond your donors’ wildest dreams. Ask us about our plans and rates today.