Isaac Family Rain Water Tank, Wamala, Uganda

Our water projects are sponsored by all sorts of groups and individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Recently, we partnered with Janet Isaac Olexy who wanted to honor her family’s heritage by providing clean water for the small village of Wamala, Uganda. Their 5,000 liter tank was installed on the local church – the hub of that community. Here’s what Janet had to share about the experience:

I first heard about the Ugandan Water Project when Director, James Harrington, spoke at a Women’s Conference last March. He shared that 80% of illnesses in developing countries are caused by poor water and sanitation—things we Americans take for granted. And the solution was so simple—God provided the water through abundant rainfall and UWP provided a way to collect and use it. This was a cause I wanted to support! I wrote a check that day, but couldn’t stop thinking about UWP. I wondered if I could raise enough money to buy a tank for a Ugandan village. Then it hit me—I could ask the Isaac Clan!

Elsie and Joe Isaac (my grandparents) had 7 children who each had kids of their own, and so on, to the 4th generation. I didn’t take time to count, but there are a lot of us! I sent an email asking them to consider donating towards this worthy cause and reminded them of Jesus’ words, “When I was thirsty you gave me water to drink,” and “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”

My cousin Mary from IL wrote, “What a wonderful way for all the Isaacs to honor our heritage.” Though we fell short of my initial goal of $3,500, we were able to raise $1,500. James offered several options for using the money—for education, for seeds, for livestock, or for a smaller tank. When I presented them to the clan, Aunt Dot (Elsie’s daughter and current Isaac matriarch) replied: “Two things cause me to lean towards a smaller tank: #1 – Of all the necessities of life, water is primary. And #2 – My Mom’s often-spoken words keep running through my mind: ‘A half a loaf is better than none.’ My mind carried the picture of our water tank.” Aunt Dot’s words confirmed what I had been feeling in my heart, and others concurred that this was how the money should be used.

James told me he would be traveling to Uganda in July. When he returned, he sent photos of our water tank.  I felt such joy. I couldn’t wait to share the pictures with my family so they could see our tank for themselves. This project has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I dared to dream big for God’s kingdom, and He honored my efforts.

If you and your family want to sponsor a rain water collection tank in Uganda, like Janet’s family – click on the link below to give.

Your Giving Makes Results:
  • A 10,000 liter system is our primary system
  • Provides safe drinking water for approximately 100 families
  • For the next 3 decades

The cost for this impact is only $3,500