it all began in Jinja . . .

I met George Nsamba in May of 2007 and out of that first conversation the Ugandan Water Project has taken shape; however it was more than a year of research, education and relationship-building before our very first team set foot on African soil.  In August 2008, the six members of our team along with some of our Ugandan friends rolled into the compound of a church off Walakubu road in Jinja to document the installation of our first water project – a 5,000 liter rainwater harvesting tank.

Children greeted us with cries of, “Muzungus!” – white people!  We stepped out of the van, wading chest-deep in children.  All of the preparation had led up to this moment – the moment where our intentions became tangible.  Fredrick Makka – the tall pastor with an invigorating smile greeted us enthusiastically – I knew what this moment meant to me, I was eager to hear what this tank meant to him and his community . . . I wish you could’ve been there . . . oh, wait I CAN take you there:

Nothing compares to the feeling of bringing water to those who need it.  It is at the same time completely humbling and completely energizing.  My first words to the team after getting back in the van to leave- “Wow, I’d like to do that 700 more times!”

What would it mean to you to be part of an experience like this?  How would you feel knowing that you organized your campus, your business, your church to raise the funds to provide life’s most vital resource to a community in Uganda?  It’s easier than you think.  Who knows, maybe someday soon you’ll be standing next to us looking into the eyes of this boy knowing that he will live longer and better because of you!