Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations & Development, you’ll be instrumental in bringing shape and substance to the Ugandan Water Project’s mission. Your hands will be in every aspect of our work both here in the U.S. and in Uganda as you oversee all the day-to-day activities and major projects of both offices. Working alongside UWP’s Executive Director, your goal will be to see our work thrive and grow by not only bringing efficiency and clarity to all processes within the organization, but also coaching our incredible team. You’ll join the Executive Director on the frontlines as you represent us in a number of public capacities and help to cultivate meaningful relationships for UWP. If you’re ready to join our team as the point person for following up and following through on all that we do to bring safe drinking water to Uganda, check out the responsibilities and qualifications below.


  • Facilitate the manifestation of UWP’s mission alongside the Executive Director by providing logistical support for all operations in the U.S. and Uganda.
  • Improve upon existing UWP systems and processes and design, create, and implement new ones to fill in any gaps that you identify.
  • Maximize the efficiency of activities in both offices and facilitate effective communication between them.
  • Serve as a strong, relational leader who will use his/her interpersonal skills and conflict resolution abilities to coach the individual members of UWP’s staff so our team can thrive as a unit.
  • Provide support to the Executive Director in representing UWP’s brand and mission in a variety of public and private settings.
  • Assist UWP in forming and maintaining new relationships with individuals and organizations.

You’re a Great Fit If:

  • You’re a natural born leader with the professional experience and relational skills to direct and coach a dynamic, growing team.
  • You have not only an eye for detail when it comes to examining systems and processes, but also an insatiable drive to make them the very best they can be.
  • You have a working knowledge of construction and/or WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) so you’d feel comfortable offering insight and recommendations regarding the services we provide in Uganda.
  • You have a background in cross-cultural work and value the rich relationships it provides, while also understanding the complexities that accompany it.
  • You possess a natural curiosity and adventurous spirit that’s excited at the prospect of traveling to Uganda on occasion, and maybe you’ve even been there before.
  • You have a knack for making people fall in love with you because you’re able to see them, understand their needs, and respond accordingly.
  • You get a high off of wowing a crowd of people and making them catch your vision.
  • You’re energized by the prospect of working in a tightknit, faith-inspired work environment.
  • You’re passionate about what we do, plain and simple.

Work frequency: Full-time preferable, part-time possible

Work location: Based in our U.S. office south of Rochester, NY, with occasional travel to Uganda

How to apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to James Harrington, UWP Executive Director & Founder, at