Director of Communications

As the Director of Communications, you will play a vital role in connecting local communities to the water needs of communities in Uganda. You’ll reach donors with attractive and empowering information through social media, website, email, and written communications that you create. You’ll work alongside the Executive Director and Director of Operations to help focus your energy on how best to interact with our UWP Tribe and locate new Tribe members. Partnering with staff and volunteers, you’ll increase awareness and action towards solving the water crisis affecting millions of Ugandans.


  • Design, create, and execute key communications related to Ugandan Water Project’s solutions, success stories, and continuing work using social media, website, email, and written communications
  • Reach new donors and empower them with our effective water solutions in a way that encourages engagement both locally and in the communities in Uganda
  • Maintain a consistent, strategic communications program that values agility and creativity in explaining to partners how their contributions have impact
  • Aid the Executive Director in identifying strong potential partners and coaching them to make beneficial commitments
  • Partner with the US staff to execute exciting events that will be valuable and connect communities to Uganda’s water crisis
  • Work with UG staff in gathering and disseminating information, photos, and stories that explain UWP’s expertise and unique contributions to water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions
  • Increase your personal knowledge and awareness within UWP for effective communication through research and designing new methods
  • Organize and direct teams of volunteers to aid in executing mass communications and administrative work

You’re a Great Fit If:

  • You have a proven track record in effective, creative communication through social media, website, email, and written communication
  • You possess strong technical and creative writing skills with an ability to grow and become a leader in non-profit communication
  • You are able to demonstrate your experience in communication, marketing, and or public relations and are prepared to submit a portfolio of your work
  • You are willing to take risks in communication and believe that even a job posting shouldn’t sound exactly like everyone else’s job posting; because people need water and are dying every day while so many are wasting time echoing the same old thing that turns community attention away from serious problems and you refuse to be part of that malpractice
  • You value organization and are able to create effective methods for tracking, improving, and redeveloping material strategically
  • You have a knack for getting to know your audience through personal contact, gathering information, and in having good instincts about their needs and desires
  • You crave an atmosphere that works and communicates with a diversity of personalities and cultural backgrounds
  • You are passionate about agency and would love to use the skills that you have learned to inspire others to action

Work Frequency: Part-time or Full-time

About the Ugandan Water Project:

The Ugandan Water Project is a non-profit humanitarian organization working through YOU to provide safe and accessible drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene resources to communities in Uganda. We implement relational solutions that help Ugandans sustainably pull themselves out of poverty so they can live the lives they were created for. Currently, the Ugandan Water Project has served over 130,000 Ugandans.

How to Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to Shaun Fowler, UWP Operations Director, at