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The Ugandan Water Project is a non-profit humanitarian organization working through YOU to provide safe and accessible drinking water and other catalyst WASH resources to communities in Uganda.  We implement relational solutions that help Ugandans sustainably pull themselves out of poverty so they can live the lives they were created for.

How We Started:

        In 2007, James Harrington crashed a neighbor’s barbeque.  What follows is the story of friendship, passion, and action. A fortuitous chance meeting between James and George Nsamba, a Ugandan visiting the US for a pastors’ conference, led to conversation about life in Uganda and the challenges people face daily.  James and Derek Levendusky, working as part of Isaiah 6 Ministries, took what George had shared and envisioned together what it would look like to use the platform of Isaiah 6 to advocate for clean water in Ugandan communities.  Out of these efforts, the first rainwater collection systems were installed in Jinja, Uganda in 2008.  What began as a side project founded in 2008 with James, Derek, and George soon grew beyond anyone’s expectations into a full-time endeavor.  In 2009, James moved UWP into its own arena, a full-fledged 501(c)(3) humanitarian non-profit organization.

        With the partnership of George on the Ugandan side, UWP soon added a Ugandan office staff and was working with an installation crew.  UWP blossomed over the coming years, building staff and capacity as well as increasing impact.  Since inception, the organization has expanded through the work of dedicated volunteers, short-term teams, and an incredible staff in both the US and Uganda.  Because of the amazing generosity of our donors, our WASH solutions continue to bring clean water resources, hope, and transformation to Ugandan communities.  The UWP story is far bigger than any one person, and we’re excited for the pages you add and the future chapters to come!

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