Director, James Harrington and his wife Christy

Documenting the impact in Ugandan villages….

Field testing effective solutions….

Building relationships….

Exploring new opportunities ….

Hey friends – my name is James Harrington and I have the priveledge of serving as the Director of the Ugandan Water Project.  Since founding the organization with a friend back in May of 2007 I have experienced an amazing adventure building UWP and watching the impact that we have had here in the US and in Uganda. 

Over the last few years we have developed some of the best water systems in Uganda.  We have served more than 170 communities and have expanded our solutions to include Rainwater Harvesting, Point of Use Filters, Spring Boxes, and Bore-Hole Repair.  UWP has also initiated small business development and micro-finance programs that are helping families earn solid income and impact their villages.

In the process, we have shared our values and our models with thousands of people in the United States and mobilized more than a million dollars for work in Uganda.  We have partnered with other organizations as well as colleges, schools and businesses to learn and grow together.

None of this would be possible if we didn’t have a core group of people committed to supporting me and my family each month. When you decide to partner with us it allows us to continue to grow UWP and see more communities in Uganda transformed as people break free from poverty. 

I want to challenge you to join us on this adventure by making a monthly commitment to support us.  Every dollar you give will be multiplied many times as we bring clean water to thousands of people each year and help provide support to local businesses and schools throughout Uganda.

Take action today – click the link and join our monthly support team – together we will change the world!

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