The Alinaitwe Family

Serving communities across Uganda through clean water

Meet Jess & Collins.

You name it, they’ve done it. In the five years Jess and Collins have been on staff, they’ve installed water projects, hosted UWP teams as they travel to Uganda, led community-wide water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH) programs, and overseen all of UWP’s operations in Uganda. Now, they wear the hats of Country Director and Project Manager.

With their wealth of experience, deep insight into Ugandan culture, and generous personalities, Jess and Collins are two of the biggest reasons we’re able to give water and give life on the scale that we do today.

Jess and Collins have been married for nine years and living full-time in Uganda for five. Along the way, they’ve also weclomed three kids: Corbin, Caleb, and Namara.

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