In honor of Virginia Whiteman, her family invites you to join in making a life-changing impact in her name. After an incredibly fruitful life of 98 years, she passed away last year on June 15, 2016. She was a vivacious and spirited woman, full of spunk, who was the foundation of her family. She loved to travel, made friends at the drop of a hat, and planted joy in the lives around her in the same way she tended to her flower gardens.

Virginia was a source of constant support and encouragement of her granddaughter Megan Busch’s involvement in the Ugandan Water Project. She gave financially toward the many trips Megan has participated in, cheered on the efforts of UWP throughout the years, and was always eager to hear stories and news.

To honor her memory, this campaign will fund a rainwater collection system, bringing transformation and new life to a community in Uganda for years to come. Join us in celebrating and remembering Virginia’s life.