Back for another year! Once again, the young scholars at Uplift Summit International Preparatory in Arlington, Texas have decided to partner with UWP to provide life-changing access to clean water and impact countless students in Uganda!

Continuing their legacy, the students at Uplift Summit are working to fund a Rainwater Collection System (RCS) which will be installed on a school in Uganda, making this their third RCS that they will fund with UWP.

We are so excited to be working with these students once again and to walk alongside them as they help to bring awareness to an issue that affects students like them everyday across Uganda. Access to clean water is just the beginning – by joining with these students you are also helping to reduce the amount of time and miles students must take out of their school day to fetch water. You are helping provide clean water, health, education and life!

Thank you for partnering with us!

P.S. – If you are donating on behalf of a specific student, please include their name in the “Student Fundraiser Name” line on the donation page.