Join us for a fun event full of great food and benefitting a great cause!  We’ll be at Roam Cafe on Park Ave from 2-6pm on May 5, 2018.

I was fortunate enough to sit next to a Board Member of the Ugandan Water Project at a Women’s Foundation luncheon last Spring and learned more about their work. The mission statement is simple and clear: help bring clean water to those in need. What could be more basic a need? Everyone deserves clean water and there is no reason it can’t be accomplished. After learning about UWP, I went on their website and really studied the way they operate. Their funding (and spending) is completely transparent and their goals are met. This is an impressive organization that knows how to get things done. I knew from I needed to be involved at a deeper level. I shared this information with my husband Paul and our friend Erik, and they were immediately on board to plan an event.

We’re raising funds for a water project in Uganda and are asking you to come and help!

There are so many non-profits in the world to choose from, but to find a local one that is making immediate, impactful change in the world is not always easy to find. We are honored to be hosting this event and look forward to being part of the solution!