Collins and Jessica have spent the last 6 years anchoring the day-to-day leadership of Ugandan Water Project’s operations in Uganda. Because of your faithful support, they have lead our team in implementing hundreds of water projects and impacting tens of thousands of lives – making the Love of Christ tangible for those in need. And now, they are embarking on a new chapter!

Immigration challenges require Collins to pursue US citizenship by January 2021. This means that the Aliniatwe family will be moving back to New York and working in UWP’s US office. We are so excited to have them in the same country, but moving a family of 5 back to the US, arranging housing, a vehicle, household goods and things like winter clothes that haven’t been an issue for 6 years is quite a big challenge! This is where you come in – we’ve set up this Transition Fund for the Alinaitwes to help make their move a little easier.

If you’re already an Alinaitwe monthly partner, consider making an additional gift to help this transition to be as smooth as possible. If you’re not a monthly partner, consider being one! You can sign up to give monthly to their general fund or this transition fund specifically. Each and every donation will help the Alinaitwe family prepare for this new season and hit the ground running when they get here.