Becca was able to go to Uganda with Ugandan Water Project in February and see the impact first-hand.

There is an upward cycle that results from making clean, safe water available. It means kids are able to get an education, instead of spending 2-4 hours each day carrying water and boiling it. It means young girls aren’t having to walk through overgrown groves of trees and shrubs that leave them hidden from the road and vulnerable. And it means better health. On average, 375 children die each month in Uganda – a country whose population isn’t much larger than California’s – from causes related to unsafe water.

UWP has been able to work with the communities, government, and suppliers in Uganda to create an efficient process to provide water solutions where they are needed most, and raise the baseline of life in these communities in a tangible, significant, sustainable way.

We’re making progress, but we need your help. It only takes $1 to give one person clean water for 2 years in Uganda. Every dollar is appreciated!