This year the students at Sweet Home Middle School are partnering with UWP change the world in the span of just a few weeks. In the last 6 years, the 6th grade students have funded 13 Rainwater Collection Systems that were installed on schools and community buildings in Uganda! Each year, they commit to raising awareness, talking to friends and family about the water crisis in Uganda and taking action.

4,600 Ugandans have access to clean water because of the work of these students. Just think about it – that is more than the total number of students enrolled at Sweet Home Central School District (3,195)!

Will you be a part of helping the 6th grade students at Sweet Home Middle School increase that number and bring clean water to students just like them in Uganda? Will you be apart of the incredible legacy they are creating here at home and half a world away?

We are so excited to continue working with Sweet Home and you to give water, education, health, freedom and life.

P.S. – If you are donating on behalf of a specific student, please include their name in the ‘Student Fundraiser Name’ line on the donation page!