This fall, we once again welcome the partnership between UWP and the students at Sweet Home Middle School! Over the last few years, the students in the 6th grade class have committed to raising awareness and sharing with friends and family about the water crisis in Uganda and taking action. Since 2013, 12 Rainwater Collection Systems have been funded and installed at schools across Uganda due to the work of these students and the inspiration and support from their teachers.

Will you help the 6th grade class at Sweet Home Middle School reach their goal and continue their legacy of being a class that sees a need, takes action and changes the world? We are so excited to continue working with Sweet Home and help provide clean, safe drinking water to students and communities in Uganda who do not have access to it.

P.S. – If you are donating on behalf of a specific student, please include their name in the ‘Student Fundraiser Name’ line on the donation page!