The One More Mile campaign is an effort to build on the campaign conducted by my class (the 2016-17 sixth grade class of McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland).  To learn about McDonogh’s campaign, click here! My school already raised enough money to build two rainwater collection systems (“tanks”) in Uganda and completed a water walk. This is when each student carried two gallons of water for a mile to begin to understand what other people must do to get clean water.  Through my One More Mile campaign, I hope to collect enough money to complete the purchase of a third (or maybe fourth!) water system and also to purchase several Sawyer filters to go with the tanks.  Each tank provides clean water for about 300 students at a school in Uganda, and each school is very far away from the other schools.

I am completing this campaign as my service project for my upcoming Bar Mitzvah.  Many Bar Mitzvah students work with a charitable organization to show their desire to help the world. This campaign is a great way to help the world. I would appreciate any support you can provide.  For every $25 contributed to the One More Mile campaign, I will walk a mile carrying a gallon of water.  My goal is to raise at least $1,800. I appreciate any contribution you make to this campaign.

I chose to continue my support for Ugandan Water Project because I want to provide clean water to people who really need it. This project literally saves lives. Kids in Uganda (starting at about 6 years old) have to wake up very early to walk a mile or more only to wait in a line to get dirty, sandy, muddy, gross, algae-topped, cow feces/urine infested water. These kids then have to carry a jerry can (about 5 gallons) of this water back to their home, and then go to school. This is the water that these families use for drink, cook with, clean, etc. By drinking the unfiltered water, many people get sick and some die. The Ugandan Water Project provides tanks and filters to create and store clean water.

Installing rainwater collection systems and water filters is so helpful to Ugandan families because it saves these kids time (so they can spend more of their time in school, and save the time of walking and waiting). It is also guaranteed clean, safe drinking water. Giving water gives life.