The 6th grade students of Saint Andrew’s School are once again on a journey to bring clean water to a school in Uganda!  On April 26th, Saint Andrew’s 6th Grade students are participating in UWP’s Curriculum for Change program where they kick-off their fundraiser with a “Day of Water” at school where they are discovering that what they learn in the classroom applies to the real world, and that they can truly make a difference – right now!

With these connections, our tenacious students will embark on a mission to use their knowledge and passion to bring their own families, friends, and communities along to fund a rainwater collection system.  This system will bring clean, safe drinking water to students just like them half a world away.  In just a few weeks, the Saint Andrews 6th graders will end their campaign with a symbolic Water Walk – carrying jugs of water in representation of the burden they’ll be lifting from the children they’re helping in Uganda.

Join with the Saint Andrew’s students as they endeavor to make a tangible change in the world in just a few short weeks!

P.S. – If you are donating on behalf of a specific student, please include their name in the “Student Fundraiser Name” line on the donation page!