Water isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Regardless of the distance, the dangers, or the quality you will invest everything you have to get enough of it everyday. So, if the closest source of water is 2 miles away, then you will spend an hour walking, carrying 40 pounds of water all the way home. If the road is dangerous because of poisonous snakes, or steep slopes, or crododiles at the water source, you’ll anxiously traverse the road without regard for personal safety. If your choice is between studying at school or leaving early to walk for water, you will choose water every time. If your water source is a stagnant mudhole so contaminated by bacteria it’s not even safe to bathe in, you’ll fill your water can to the brim without second thought. This is the situation that many school-aged children across Uganda find themselves in today, but we’d like to do something about this and we need your partnership.

Join us in bringing clean, safe drinking water to two schools for this holiday season by donating now! Then come see us perform at Two Tanks Tonight on December 13th at Lovin’ Cup. For the last four years, Two Tanks Tonight in partnership with the Ugandan Water Project has raised thousands of dollars, funding 8 rainwater catchment systems installed in school-yards giving over 3,000 Ugandan students a choice when it comes to water. The event has an amazing lineup including: Austin Hollow, Genesee Junction, Dirty Bourbon Blues Band, Violet Mary, and of course, Random Accents.

We can’t wait to see you there!