On September 20, Hurricane Maria made landfall, leaving a path of devastation and destruction that swallowed the territory of Puerto Rico.  For almost 30 hours, wind and rain took its toll, wiping out much of the infrastructure and environment.

The US government estimates about 1.3 million people – 40% – in Puerto Rico still lack access to clean drinking water as of September 30th.  It is recommended that each person have access to a gallon of drinking water each day – a luxury not available to most as Puerto Rico begins taking steps toward recovery.  A majority of the roads are still closed, and electricity is barely available for some, so with such limited access to basic resources, there is an increased need for clean drinking water.

With YOUR help, we can bring safe drinking water to the people of Puerto Rico with our initial goal of $10,000 for 500 Sawyer PointONE filter kits.  In conjunction with several of our partner organizations, filters will be delivered and distributed in Puerto Rico and local leadership trained on their use and maintenance – a first step response to provide a most basic need to those struggling to rebuild their lives.