PFOA Water Crisis: Paying it Forward

Residents in the Town of Hoosick and Village of Hoosick Falls in Upstate New York have made regional and national headlines lately due to the discovery of PFOA in their village and town’s water supply. This discovery shut down the village’s water system and left residents without easily accessible potable water from December 2015 through March, 2016.

Since then, PFOA has been found in many other communities surrounding our area and beyond.

Experiencing how hard it has been not to have water has made it easier for us to empathize, to a small degree, how difficult it must be for those in 3rd World Countries who don’t have easily accessible potable water – countries whose women and children walk 2-5 miles, sometimes twice a day, to fetch water that is contaminated with micro-organisms that could lead to disease and death.

As a result, we would like to help provide clean water for Uganda just as outside agencies are helping to provide clean water for our communities.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide easily accessible potable water through borehole rehabilitation that would serve 7,000 Ugandans – the same number of residents who went without in Hoosick Falls, the community where the original PFOA problem came to light.

We hope to tug at the heartstrings of those who have been affected, supporters who have heard our story and wished there was something they could do, and others who would just like to make a difference and become a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Our total campaign is $14,000 to restore 7 borehole wells. Each well provides water for approximately 1,000 people. That’s just $2 per person! We are asking families, groups, individuals, churches, organizations and schools to consider making donations or raising funds to help us meet $7,000 of that goal, and are hoping to raise the other 50% through matching donations of $500 or $1,000 each.

Our communities are fortunate to have local, regional and state agencies working with us to get through our water woes, but Uganda doesn’t have such a network. Their hope for clean water comes through organizations such as the Ugandan Water Project and people like you and me who help fund the work they do.  While we are doing what we can here at home to support the cause and encourage those who are affected, we can also make a difference globally.

Please prayerfully consider making a donation today. Every little bit can help bring water and life and hope to Uganda.

If you are interested in matching funds, contact Gail Smith, campaign organizer, at (518)686-9888 or There is also a FB page: PFOA Water Crisis: Paying it Forward.