People in the village of Kinyante IV in western Uganda have no access to clean water. The consequences are disastrous and heartbreaking. We are going to change that by drilling a well that will provide plenty of clean water for several hundred families. Thank you for giving today! (Check us out at

Ourganda is non-profit Ministry whose board and medical teams have a passion to serve with life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness in the Bundibugyo region in the Western Region of Uganda. We can offer all the medical solutions in the world along with education but without clean water, some people will survive, some will not, but none with thrive. Many of the women and children have to make several trips per day on a long trek to obtain water that is not clean. Even doing so, many are malnourished and suffering from dehydration due to waterborne illnesses.

See the video to see what part of the trail is like. Try carrying water on such a trail. Be committed to doing this every day whether you have a diseases/injury or not.

With your help, we can get hundreds of villagers the water they need. Any amount helps.

Visit us on Facebook or at to learn more about us.

Thank you in advance for your compassionate help.