This is our first school fundraiser with the 5th grade students in Cape May, New Jersey! Read the note that the students wrote about why they are partnering with UWP!

Ms. Morris’ class decided to start a community service project called “No Walk To Water” because we realized clean water is essential for the human body, and we found out there are areas of the world that have to walk long distances, up to 12 miles, for “bad water”.  Our intention is to raise $3,600 for a rainwater collection system. This will supply 200 families for 30 years with clean water! We are going to raise money through various mini projects. We, the students of Ms. Morris’ class, are also raising at the least $50 from doing chores or asking for donations.   We ask from the bottom of our hearts to help us reach our goal and please support this cause in helping us make a difference in the world.