For the first time, Notre Dame High School students and teachers are teaming up to make a difference in Uganda’s water crisis by fundraising $3,600 for a rainwater collection system (RCS)! An RCS is made up of a 10,000 liter polyethylene tank that is placed on a cement base and attached to the metal roof of an existing building (usually a school, clinic, or church) through a gutter system. From the tank, water is then funneled underground through pipes to a nearby tap station, where people can collect the water from two spigots. These systems will last around 30 years, and with an average of 80 inches of rainfall each year in Uganda, an RCS is able to provide clean drinking water to around 100 families or 500 children for decades!

We are so excited to be partnering with Notre Dame and you to give water and give life to a community in Uganda through a rainwater collection system!

P.S. – If you are donating on behalf of a specific student, please include their name in the ‘Student Fundraiser Name’ line on the donation page!