For over a decade, the church community at Niccolls Memorial Presbyterian Church in Old Forge, NY has been partnering with Amazing Grace Christian Assembly in Kampala, Uganda. Throughout their partnership, the church in Uganda has been blessed with the opportunity and ability to help develop Amazing Grace Nursery and Primary School in Bugala, a small village about 50 miles from Kampala.

Over the course of about a decade, the school developed from a single building with a dirt floor and a tarp for a roof, into a facility with three brick buildings, six classrooms and an administrative building. It also has a K-6 primary school program and serves 125 students! However, it lacks an adequate water supply.

Until now, the school has been purchasing its water from a private borehole well. Water from this well must be carried to the school in jerry cans. The current borehole is not adequate for the needs of the growing school.

It is the hope of Niccolls Memorial Presbyterian Church to provide the school with its own water supply. The best solution for the school is to have a new borehole drilled on school property so water is easily accessible for students and safe to drink.

Please join us in our mission to provide clean water to the students and faculty at Amazing Grace Nursery and Primary School. By partnering with us in this goal, you are not just giving clean water. You are giving freedom, education, health, and life.