51% of Ugandans lack access to safe water. Ugandans spend hours hauling 40-50 pounds of water from their closest water source. They then have to retrieve enough wood to make a fire, boil the water for 1 hour, and wait 3 hours for it to cool down without refrigeration or ice. When Ugandans neglect this long process, they drink and bathe in dangerously contaminated water that causes various waterborne diseases.
The Ugandan Water Project provides three key solutions to end the water crisis, one of which includes a home water filtration system. It’s a small filter that connects to the tap of a jerry can. It instantly purifies water as it passes through the filter, providing safe and clean water right at home.
No one should contract diseases from drinking dirty water. No one should have hours or years stolen from their lives from the water crisis. I’m raising money for clean water because I believe the home water filtration system can truly save and improve lives in Uganda. By giving towards my campaign, we can help resolve the water crisis together!