On August 19th of 2016 the UWP family grew. Kamya Kenneth, one of the masons on our crew was hard at work overseeing a borehole drilling project in a refugee camp when Namaganda Mercy came into the world. Being the first born, she was the immediate pride and joy of her parents. It was only a few short months later when they learned that their sweet little girl has a potentially fatal heart condition. Kamya spent the next few weeks pursuing every available option to find the help he needed for his daughter only to be told that the life-saving surgery she needed wasn’t available in Uganda and that she would have to travel internationally to get it. Not knowing where else to turn, he came to UWP, where he’s worked since 2009 when we were still just getting started.

We have since had Mercy’s medical records reviewed and she has been connected through an organization called Morning Star Love Project to a hospital in India where they can perform the surgery that will save her life as soon as September. In order for her to go we need to raise a goal of $10,000 which includes roundtrip airfare for both Mercy and a parent, the surgery, aftercare, all other hospital bills, lodging and accommodations. The only thing that remains now is for us to take up this opportunity and raise the money needed to save this child’s life. Kamya’s family has already begun saving and started the process of getting passports and vaccinations necessary to travel, but they need our help. For years now one of the foundational principles of our organization has been that we take care of each other. If that was ever true, then it has to be true now in our brother and coworker’s hour of greatest need. Will you join with us in making this happen by giving to send this sweet baby for the surgery that will save her life?