This fall, the 7th and 8th grade classes at Merton Williams Middle School are partnering with UWP for the first time! The students have set a $3,600 goal in order to fund a rainwater collection system (RCS). This water solution will be installed at a school in Uganda and will utilize rainwater and a 10,000 liter tank that UWP installs to provide easy access and a sustainable source of water for the students and teachers!

Along with the tank, the school will also receive Saywer PointOne filters and the training necessary to keep them clean and working for up to 10 years!

We are so excited to be partnering with the students at Merton Williams to provide access to clean, safe drinking water! Access to clean water not only means access to better health, but also that students will not have to take time away from school to fetch water from a distant source. By giving water, you are giving education, health, and life!

P.S – If you are supporting a specific Merton Williams student, please include the student’s Name in the ‘Student Fundraiser’s Name’ line of the donation page!