Magulu Primary School has been fully funded! Thanks to your generous donations, the 341 students and teachers at Magulu will have access clean water right on their school campus.

We’ve decided to continue fundraising to bring clean water to a second school in Uganda, Mayira Islamic Primary School.

There are just over 200 students at Mayira.  Currently the students have to walk to a well in the nearby village.  Although the well has a hand pump, this particular well is the only water source for a large community so it breaks down often and goes for long periods of time without repair.

This holiday season, we want provide clean water to these two schools and equip both with a 10,000 liter Rainwater Collection System (RCS) installed on their school buildings. In addition to improving the health of current students and teachers, on-site access to clean, safe drinking water is also very likely to encourage additional students to enroll in these schools!

Please join us in helping the Uganda Water Project provide not just clean water, but better health, access to education and freedom from the daily task of walking for water.


Laura and Dirk Dellinger