Fun fact: this will be my 5th UWP 5K but I’ve never actually ran or walked the race! I don’t know that I’ve even seen the whole course. My first two years at UWP’s 5K was as a volunteer, the third year was my first 5K working for UWP and last year was my first year running…I mean…event managing the race! Each year I end up walking away from the event so grateful for the UWP team, each incredible volunteer, sponsored runner, and everyone else who shows up, despite the weather forecast, to be a part of a local solution to a world-wide problem.

This year’s 5K is pretty different from the others I’ve been to in a few…well, one way…but exactly the same (and maybe even better!) in others. There is still the same outpouring of support for UWP that is there every year. We still have amazing people who believe in what we’re doing enough to ask their friends and family to join in. With every registration and donation, I’m continually encouraged and surprised at how many people care about clean water and choose to take action to help.

So, this year goes down in my 5K book as the year where I participate in a way I don’t normally get to – by jumping into the race myself and asking you to jump in with me.