Welcome to the Blue Envelope Challenge at the Lima Campus of Elim Gospel Church! We are so excited to partner with you in this challenge to give water and give life to communities throughout Uganda!

The goal of the Blue Envelope Challenge is for each person to take a numbered envelope and donate the corresponding amount. This engages EVERYONE where they are and provides an opportunity for the entire congregation to get involved. Lima has envelopes numbered 1-150, which will yield over $10,000! EGC is designating their funds from this challenge to borehole well repairs. This means that communities who are retrieving water from unsafe, contaminated sources because their borehole is currently broken will no longer have to walk for water that is detrimental to their wellbeing. If the Henrietta campus fills their 100 envelopes, EGC will raise over $15,000 to rehabilitate wells and make a profound impact on the people who are being sustained by them. If you choose to donate online for this challenge, please note your envelope number in the memo/note line! ALSO, be encouraged that if you don’t like the number you were stuck with, you can always throw on an extra zero and maximize your impact!