My name is Lily. I am raising money for the Ugandan Water Project. Around 315,000 children under-five die every year from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s almost 900 children per day, or one every two minutes. UWP’s Rainwater Collection Tanks can provide 2,500 gallons of clean, consistent, sustainable drinking water. This is enough to provide drinking water for a school of 300-400 students each year, for 35 years.

Just $11 is the amount needed to cover one child’s share of a UWP water tank. So, for every person who donates $11 or more, I will put your name on a name tag and wear them all while I run. If you donate $22 I will put your name on two stickers. $33 means three stickers. You get the idea.

Please help me fill up my shirt with your names! I can fit 38 stickers on my shirt. Please help me reach my goal of $418 (38 stickers x$11) and help me to bring safe clean water to kids just like me.