Every day I find comfort in water. I love to swim, I feel lost without my water bottle, a long hot shower calms anxiety, and I drink the same water I give my plants to survive. Often times I take it for granted because I have such quick, easy access to clean water in my home and community. Especially during this pandemic, I know I don’t have to worry; but that’s not the case for people in the places most vulnerable to disease. This summer I was planning to travel to Africa for personal and missional reasons. However, I probably am not going due to the global crisis. However, my friends at UWP are still working hard to bring clean water to Ugandans. Instead of fundraising for my personal endeavors, I am looking for that money for people who need access to clean water NOW. If you are still able to work, or have some extra government cash to spend, please consider donating to UWP.