UPDATE! We were recently notified by UWP that they received a $1,000 donation and offered our VBS the opportunity to match it to rehabilitate a broken borehole well in Uganda! We decided to bump up our goal from $750 to $1,000 so that we can provide the other half of the $2,000 cost of repairing a well.

Africa is a beautiful continent but many people still lack the access to clean drinking water. For our 2019 Koinonia Roar VBS all of our students will be working together with UWP to raise money to help children and adults in Uganda have access to clean drinking water.

At any given time, 30% of borehole wells in Sub-Saharan Africa are broken. Along with repairing the functionality of the well, UWP will also be monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t break again and offering maintenance if it does. We are so excited to have this opportunity to impact a community in Uganda!

Together we can be a light for Christ and bless the kids in Uganda, God is good!