I am excited to share with you that I will be traveling to Uganda from July 9 through July 22 of this year!

I will be going as a member of Team #23 for the Ugandan Water Project. The Ugandan Water Project is a non-profit organization that provides clean water and help build relationships with the communities of Uganda. Their solution set includes water filters, bore hole well rehabilitation, and rain water collection tanks preventing bacteria, disease, and other health problems that can occur. The team will look at different locations for future projects, learn about the communities and document the needs there. This project also has a powerful and wonderful impact beyond providing safe accessible drinking water at the community level. We will also be spending time with adults and children in the slums of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. We will be helping meet the basic needs of the community and conveying love and showing kindness towards them.

Ever since I was 12, the Lord has put the desire to go to Africa on my heart. Throughout the past 6 months, I prayed for God to use me to bring Him glory and to provide an opportunity to serve Him this summer. I am very excited that the Lord has opened this door for me and I cannot wait for the spiritual growth I will undergo during this journey. I am eager to work alongside my team and gain skills which will help me with future opportunities to further God’s kingdom. I hope to build lifelong relationships and connections with the people I encounter in Uganda and for the Lord to show me how to serve, pray and love on them. Psalm 96:3 says, “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all people. “I am full of joy to use this piece of scripture to fulfill the Lord’s will and to make His name known.

A door has been opened for me to take part in this mission, and you also have a chance to partake in this journey! I am asking you to partner with me by helping to provide travel expenses and program costs for what our team will be doing in Uganda. Please consider walking aside me on this adventure! Partner with me in prayer and give what you feel called to. The total trip cost is $3500. The $2000 deadline for airfare tickets is May 15th, with full funds due June 26th.

Thank you for your constant support! I am beyond thankful for your prayers and I cannot wait to share my journey with all of you!