Kasese District lies 7 hours west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Kasese Health Center III is one of the few facilities serving the 650,000 residents of Kasese municipality. This clinic treats over 15,000 patients with a contaminated water supply that is frequently interrupted for days and even weeks at a time.

In May 2019, James had a meeting with Robert Centenary, Kasese District’s Member of Parliament to discuss solutions to the clinics water problem. They came up with the following combination of solutions to best serve the clinic: drill a new borehole well, construct a tower or elevated water tank, install solar pumps/panels/controls, and provide 15 water filter stations.

This proposed solution will cost $21,200 to implement. The clinic is currently using two small rainwater collection tanks and municipal water which is frequently off for days or weeks at a time and the operating budget of the clinic does not allow for consistent payments for the water.

The clinic currently serves an average of 290 patients per week. The maternity department delivers about 40 babies a week – all without access to consistent, clean water.

Would you consider partnering with us to bring clean water to this clinic?