My name is Akol Sylvia.  I am originally from a village in the Kumi District of Uganda called Kabata.  When I was growing up, I did not have access to clean drinking water and had to walk to a dirty and contaminated water source.
Even today, the people of my village do not have access to clean drinking water.  Their only option is to walk over 30 miles to a spring that flows out from the ground and that is easily contaminated with animal feces and life-threatening water-borne diseases (such as Typhoid and Cholera) that have caused many deaths in the community over the years. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado where I am studying Biology at Front Range Community College.  My goal is to one day become an infectious disease doctor and to study these diseases that have so heavily impacted my community and help eradicate them. But until then, my first step is getting the people of my village access to clean drinking water.

This fundraising campaign is aimed at raising the $12,000 needed to drill a borehole water well and provide clean water to my people.  I am asking for your donation and your help spreading the word about this campaign so that together we can achieve the goal of bringing clean water to my village and to the people of Kabata.  Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated!