In February 2020, I was supposed to travel to Uganda with the Ugandan Water Project to help them improve the efficiency of their work as I’m an outside set of eyes and always thinking outside the box when it comes to process improvements! In February, my health required me to postpone the trip, but now that the COVID-19 quarantine is in effect, the earliest I’ll be able to go is the end of May or beginning of June, God willing!

While I may not be able to travel just yet, please consider supporting my forthcoming trip and the work of the Ugandan Water Project, who, like all of us, is being greatly impacted by the current global crisis. How can you help? By taking the Flush Challenge! Here how you do it: calculate the number of times you flush the toilet each week, month, or year, then multiply that by the number of gallons per flush (1.6 gallons is standard). That number you get is the amount you donate! Of course, donations of any size– smaller or larger– will always be appreciated. In this time of great need, please consider supporting the Ugandan Water Project and the communities they serve by taking the Flush Challenge & donating now!

Weekly Flush Challenge: (assume 5 daily flushes for this equation) X 7 days in a week X 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf) = 56 gallons = $56 donated to my UWP campaign!

Monthly Flush Challenge: (assume 5 daily flushes for this equation) X 31 days per month X 1.6 gpf = 248 gallons/month = $248 donated to UWP

Yearly Flush Challenge: (assume 5 daily flushes) X 365 days in a year X 1.6 gpf =  2920 gallons/year of fresh drinking water flushed down the toilet! = $2920 donated to UWP!

That’s a lot of fresh drinking water flushed down the toilet each year! Think about it!  A family of 4 would flush 11,680 gallons of water down the toilet if each person in that family flushed the toilet 5 times a day. So are you willing to take my challenge? If so, write back to me and let me know which challenge I can hold you to!