UPDATE! Lizza’s trip is fully funded and just in time with the deadline. Thank you to everyone who is partnering with that work!

Any donations will be designated for the tank, and if we hit the goal of $3,600, it will go toward water filters, so donate above to help us reach our goal to impact a community in Uganda by giving them clean water!

This July, Paul, Karen, and Lizza are heading to Uganda to be a part of Team 23 to work with the Ugandan Water Project.  Lizza has been there several times before and has been working with her students at McDonogh School to do a fundraiser every year.  The students have been learning about the global water crisis through some interactive, in-depth lessons and then are given a chance to be a part of the solution by funding rainwater tanks and water filtration systems.

This small contingent of Irvines will go to Uganda, visit a bunch of recent tank installations, help identify potential tank sites for the future, and share the love of God with everyone we meet.  This summer will be the first trip to Uganda for Paul and Karen, and they are excited to see this work first hand.

We decided that we want to fundraise for a rainwater tank before we go on this trip and want to invite you to join us!  The cost of a tank, installation, and filtration system is $3,600 and we hope to raise this money before we go.  We are specifically asking for donations of $50 to $100 but any amount is a blessing and greatly appreciated!

If you would like to give, you can click on the link or you can send in a check to the Ugandan Water Project 2648 Rabbit Run, Bloomfield, NY 14469.

We appreciate your prayer support and are so grateful for your generosity – God Bless!

Paul,  Karen, & Lizza