Exciting news: HSA is partnering with the Uganda Water Project!

As we’ve studied Chemistry this year, we’ve learned about the importance of water for life on earth. During labs, we’ve experimented with techniques scientists use to sort out mixtures. This is what the Ugandan Water Project is all about. Dirty water is a type of mixture that can be cleaned using the very same filtering techniques we’ve used this year in our science labs.

In countries, all over the world, grade school children must struggle to find clean, safe drinking water. Often, clean water is miles from home and children must travel long distances to get it. Our students will be taking part in a fund-raising Water Walk. This provides them with an experience to better understand what it’s like to walk long distances carrying heavy water containers. It also enables them to be part of the solution. The students will be finding sponsors for the walk and the money raised goes to providing filters for classrooms in Uganda, bringing life-changing opportunities for students in Uganda.
This is an exciting opportunity to expand our students’ understanding of chemistry and its role in helping real needs of hurting people in our world.  Join the HSA students in bringing tangible change to Uganda!