Over the course of our history class project, our group extensively researched and learned a lot about the lack of clean water in Uganda. We learned that many people die from different diseases due to dirty drinking water and bathing water, and that many girls in Uganda have had to skip school to walk long distances to retrieve water for their families. We decided this was an extremely large issue that we wanted to help solve. I think it’s really important to help fundraise and help bring clean water to Uganda because many people there are suffering and deserve easier to access to this resource. By eliminating the problem of access to water, people there would have time to do other activities including going to school.

For our project, we hung posters all over our school, talked about the issue on social media, and educated our friends and teachers about the issue to raise awareness. ┬áMany people live in their own bubble unaware of the giant world around them. They take things like water and school for granted, and they don’t realize that there are people out there who consider even a little bit of water to be a blessing. We hope you will join our efforts as we continue to fundraise with the Ugandan Water Project to bring clean water to a community in Uganda.