We are excited to share with you that we will be traveling to Uganda from July 29-August 11 of this year!

We will be going as members of Team #25 for the Ugandan Water Project (UWP) to help bring clean drinking water to communities throughout Uganda. Some of you might remember Peter traveling to Uganda with the UWP as part of team #6 back in 2010. This trip had a large impact on his life. As members of this current team, we will be visiting existing rainwater collection tanks to track progress in those communities. The team will also scout locations for future projects, learn about the areas, and document the needs there. This project has a powerful impact beyond providing safe accessible drinking water at the community level but also helping to meet the basic needs of the people, expressing love and compassion in a tangible way. Since the beginning of UWP in 2008, 339 rainwater collection systems have been installed, 59 wells have been rehabilitated and over 184,000 people have been served.

As a family we have supported this mission through the years. I never thought I would go to Uganda but something in me changed this year. A prompting in my heart began and the opportunity of this trip kept popping up in my life. After nights lying awake thinking about this possibility and being able to serve these people in such a tangible way just wouldn’t go away. I decided to take the step, and now Maddy and I will be making the trip in just a few short months. I am excited for this opportunity to experience the Ugandan culture, grow as a person, and learn new things about myself and others as I collaborate with my team. Even more, being able to take this trip with my daughter is invaluable.

(a note from Maddy:)  Ever since my dad went to Uganda in 2010, I have dreamed of being able to go myself. In the past the timing has not been right, but this year countless doors have been opened in my life to make this great opportunity possible. I am beyond excited to take this trip with my mom and the team we will be traveling with. I have been blessed with a loving family, a home, access to clean water, an education and so much more. Yet, there are so many people around the world who haven’t been provided these same opportunities as me. Through this trip I hope to positively impact the people of Uganda, grow as an individual and create life changing memories I will hold onto forever.

While a door has been opened for us to take part in this mission, you also have a chance to partake in the journey with us. We are asking you to partner with us by helping to provide travel expenses. The total cost of the trip is $7,000 for both of us. Although our trip is not until July, we have deadlines quickly approaching for the trip. We need to have $1,400 in donations by May 7, $4,000 by June 4th in order for our team to purchase plane tickets and full funding due July 16. Please thoughtfully consider joining us on this venture. We are asking for donations of $50, $100 or any amount you are able to give to help us get to Uganda.

Whether you feel led to contribute financially or through prayer, all help is deeply appreciated. We are excited to share our experiences with you!

Love, Amy and Maddy