Friends of Orphans (FRO) and the Ugandan Water Project (UWP) are partnering co-fund the repair of 10 borehole wells at FRO’s 10 vocational training schools.

The cost of repairing these 10 borehole wells is $20,000. UWP’s dedicated, skilled crew is ready to repair and revitalize each well…all we need is your help to fund the projects.

The Friends of Orphans community is committed to raising the first $10,000 and the Ugandan Water Project team and their supporters will match those funds to turn 10 broken boreholes into 10 functional, life-giving ones!

At each of these training schools, the borehole wells on site are broken and access to clean water is limited. Will you be a part of helping equip these schools with clean, safe drinking water so they can continue to provide hope, education, health, and economic opportunities to the communities FRO is dedicated to serving?

You can find more information about the work FRO is doing at: