The Feringtons are taking on Africa, and we need your help! After years of discussing our desire to travel and bring aid to those less fortunate, we stumbled upon the Ugandan Water Project a local festival. From then on, we have felt compelled to work with this project to bring joy, love, laughter and hope to the people of Uganda. How, you say? WATER!

This coming July, we have the opportunity to travel to Uganda with Team #23 of the Ugandan Water Project. The Ugandan Water Project’s mission is to provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in Uganda where basic resources like water are not readily available. Their solutions include installing 10,000-liter rainwater collection tanks, rehabilitating broken bore hole wells, and distributing point-of-use filters. Each collection tank provides clean drinking water for about 100-families; each well serves an entire community, and filters provide additional resources and options for classrooms or families.

Without rainwater collection tanks, members of these communities must walk for miles just to collect water from muddy holes, shared by cattle. The risk of infection, disease, and death from drinking this water is extreme. Unfortunately, this is their only option. Over the years, UWP has completed over 300 water projects, providing over 150,000 people with a clean, accessible, and sustainable source for drinking water! While in Uganda, our team will be visiting local churches, schools, and communities connected to UWP to collect stories and see first-hand how water is life for the people of Uganda. It is our hope that we can use our medical and educational backgrounds to enrich these opportunities.

To make this life-changing journey a reality, we must raise $7,000 to cover the cost of airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and all of the programs we will be providing for the Ugandan people while we are there. Any money raised above and beyond our goal will go toward opportunities our team identifies during our time in Uganda. Our airfare deadline is May 15, with our full trip fee due June 26.
We would like to thank you in advance for your thoughts, love, and support as we complete this mission together.  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have, and be sure to visit to learn more. Keep in touch with us through the Ugandan Water Project Facebook page for updates on our journey.

Sending all our love,
Geoffrey and Allie Ferington