Together we can provide living water!!!
Youth from Faith Fellowship Church in Lakeville, NY are partnering with the Ugandan Water Project to provide a Rainwater Collection System to a needed community in Uganda!  Each collection system holds up to 2,600 gallons of rainwater that is then filtered through Sawyer water filters, becoming clean and healthy enough to drink! These systems can provide enough water for about 100 families or 500 students in areas that only receive an average of 80 inches of rain a year!  The life span of these systems is about 30 years which will make a world of difference to those who are receiving this gift! What’s even better than giving a gift of filtered living water?  The gift of THE LIVING WATER of Jesus Christ that will be going to the community as well.  So will you partner with us to raise $3,600 to help make a difference to a community in Uganda to a people that are no different than us?  Finally, the most important thing you could do for us is to pray for our youth and for the people of Uganda!
Thank you for your support and prayers