I have been asking Ugandan Water Project for a virtual run for a few years now , and today is finally the day! While I’m sad about the circumstances that led to the race going virtual, I’m excited that I can do something I love (running!) in support of an amazing cause.

I’m joining the Ugandan Water Project’s Virtual 5K because, if you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing the world spinning out of control and feeling like you can’t make a difference. I want to do my part to invest in a local organization that I know works hard everyday to equip communities across Uganda with something I often take for granted: clean water.

Just think! Clean water is a basic necessity, not only for drinking, but for washing hands and showering and yet hundreds of communities in Uganda still don’t have access to it. This makes them all the more vulnerable to the pandemic we’re facing as a global community.

During the weekend of April 4-5, I’ll be virtually joining people across the Rochester, NY region and around the country as we get active any way we can to raise awareness and (most importantly) funds that will help UWP weather this season and bring clean water to as many people in Uganda in 2020 as possible. My personal goal is to raise $1,500.

While I know many of us are facing economic uncertainty, I’m asking any of my friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors who are willing & able to donate to my fundraising campaign so we can bring the life-changing and life-saving power of clean water to people who need it in Uganda. Anything you have to give– whether it’s $1 or $100– is so greatly appreciated! You can give to my personal campaign right now: It’s easy and secure.

If you have questions about why I believe in Ugandan Water Project, let’s chat!