Caring for Children Uganda is a Community Based Organization that provides homes and basic services for orphans in Iganga, Eastern Uganda. Key among the foundational steps is providing clean drinking water. Preserving the good health of the children and staff of this home is essential. There are multiple benefits in the installation of a rainwater collection system. One is the reduction of water collection from remote locations, carrying heavy water containers for long distances. Associated to that is the reduction on the use of wood to boil water; wood must also be carried from increasingly long distances, and it has an additional cost which cannot be afforded. The primary benefit is a safer way to prevent water born diseases like typhoid and cholera which can have life threatening effects on those affected by them. This system will reduce the logistic and financial burden it represents for those at Caring for Children Uganda and secure drinkable water for the kids. Your participation is what counts and what will make a difference, and for this, we are very thankful.