Brockport Water Walk

Come save lives – join with others students as we raise $10,000 and bring clean water to a school in Uganda!

Monday, April 3rd 7-9pm in the SERC 

What if you woke up next morning and couldn’t go to the faucet to get a glass of water. What if you had to walk miles to fetch water for your family and that water may still make you sick? In Uganda, three in ten do not have access. Please join in the efforts to end this crisis by participating in the first Brockport Water Walk to provide a Rainwater Collection System for a school in Uganda.

How does the Water Walk work?

First: Set a goal for what you or your team want to raise. 

Second: Individuals and Teams will collect donations for the Ugandan Water Project leading up to the walk on April 3rd. (Teams can be athletic teams, clubs or a group of individuals making up a team.) 

Third: Show up on Monday, April 3rd 7-9pm in the SERC to walk with our campus and find out how much we raised to bring clean water to a school in Uganda!

Activities at the event will include: water jug decorating, a one hour water-walk, chicken BBQ dinner for sale by the restaurant 58 Main, Ugandan jewelry sales, and prize giveaways!

At the end of the event, prizes will be given out to the Top Team, Top Club and Top 3 Individual participants that raised the most money and the total donations raised for the event will be announced! Additional prizes will be drawn from raffle tickets. Raffle prizes will be given away throughout the Walk.

Each $10 donation raised per indivudual provides you with 1 raffle ticket eligible to win prizes listed below.

In addition, every donator receives a free Water Walk Tshirt!

Prizes include:

•                Tshirts                                                                                             – Movie Tickets

•                Gift cards to Perri’s Pizza                                                      – Wegmans Gift Cards

•                Gift certificates to Java Junction

•                Book + coupon to Lift Bridge

•                Gift Baskets

•                Other awesome prizes!

All proceeds will be donated to the Ugandan Water Project, an organization dedicated to providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene resources to communities in Uganda. UWP will have staff at the Water Walk to share more about the organization, answer questions, and celebrate with our campus!

If you’d like to participate, use this time leading up to the event to collect donations to sponsor you during the walk. Make sure to ask friends, family, coworkers, church members, etc. Any bit helps!

Get creative with your fundraising! Ask your sponsors for $20, $50, $100 or any specific amount that helps you reach your goal.  If you’re on a sports team do a 50/50 raffle at your next game, have a bake sale, take a dare to eat a spoonful of hot sauce for $5, doesn’t matter, just get out there and get those sponsorships! Make it fun, make it big, and be creative!

See you at the Walk!

For more information or any questions please contact Kate Hochbrueckner

Donations can be made to this site under Brockport Water Walk and count towards your total raised!

Make sure to follow our Twitter @BportWaterWalk